Discussion Board Instructions

Adding a New Question or Notification

You can add a new question or notification to the Discussion Board for the Group’s input (known as a “thread”) by clicking the “Post” option under “+ New” in the top navigation bar:capture

In the “Add New Post” page, enter a title and brief description of your thread and then click the “Publish” button:


To return to the Discussion Board, click “View Post” from the top navigation bar:


Replying to an Existing Question or Notification

You can find an existing thread by either searching (right navigation bar):


or, by reviewing the Discussion Board Archives (right navigation bar):


Once the thread is located, click on the title to open.  Once the thread is open, you can enter your reply and then click “Post Comment” to submit:


Your comment will be visible as a “thought” on the original thread.  You (or others) can reply to the original thread or your throught: